Now, supreme council member Tariq Ismail quits PPBM

PPBM Supreme Council member Tariq Ismail Mustafa is the second party leader to resign today.

PETALING JAYA: A PPBM Supreme Council member has quit the party, following the exit of a Selangor assemblyman earlier today.

Supreme Council member Tariq Ismail Mustafa has announced his resignation from the party, saying PPBM had parted ways from its initial struggle to fight corruption and abuse of power.

“For myself personally, we must by necessity take the path less travelled and that is beset with obstacles and thorns, suitably reflecting our struggle of dignity and integrity.

“The ends do not justify the means, particularly so as we aspire to greater heights for our people and our country.

“On this basis, and due to my personal beliefs, I hereby resign from the party effective immediately,” he said in a statement today.

Tariq follows in the footsteps of Jeram assemblyman Mohd Shaid Rosli, who quit PPBM earlier today, saying the party had strayed from its original objectives to fight a kleptocratic government.

Shaid said he will now be an independent who will back former PPBM chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who announced yesterday he will set up a new independent Malay political party, following the political fallout with PPBM.

Mahathir said the party will be inclusive and moderate, adding that parties such as Umno, PAS and PPBM had strayed from their original path.

He also claimed most of the PPBM grassroots members supported him.

Klang PPBM division chiefs quit

The head of PPBM’s Klang division, Syed Abdillah Syed Abd Aziz, also announced he had quit the party, together with committee members, to support Mahathir’s new party.

“We also decided to dissolve the Klang division. We have lost confidence in the leadership,” Syed Abdillah said. The 10 branches of Klang PPBM, involving more than 2,800 members, were also automatically dissolved.