Ex-PKR man to defend Inanam seat on local party ticket

Kenny Chua (centre) at the launch today of a local online Sabah entertainment show.

KOTA KINABALU: Former Sabah PKR vice-chairman Kenny Chua has confirmed that he will seek re-election to the Inanam state assembly seat on a local party ticket.

Chua said the name of the party would be announced within the next few days. “I have been invited by a local party, and for me, it is time to return to the grassroots as a Sabahan,” he said.

He was sacked from PKR on July 30 after he supported Umno assemblyman Musa Aman’s attempt to become the chief minister.

When asked about his chances in Inanam now, Chua said he had given the media a comprehensive explanation before this and now left it up to his constituents to evaluate him.

“I have already explained my actions (in supporting Musa). I think the voters in Inanam are aware of my actions, but what is certain is that I will defend Inanam. I will not run away,” he said.

“For years I have been fighting with a national party, and now is the best time for me to continue this fight with a local party,” he said when met after launching On TV, a local Sabah entertainment show which is broadcast on social media.

Chua was elected assemblyman for Inanan in 2018 in his first electoral contest. He secured a majority of 7,783 in a six-cornered contest.

He was later appointed assistant finance minister.

However, Chua was surprisingly seen with Musa’s camp when Musa, the former chief minister, announced plans to take over the state government led by Warisan president Shafie Apdal.

Their efforts failed after Shafie announced the dissolution of the state assembly.