Rifts appear in PPBM divisions over Mahathir’s party

PPBM’s Bangi division head Mohd Sufian Mat Yunus said 300 members were leaving to support Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s new party.

BANGI: Former PPBM chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s plans for a new party have created rifts among the PPBM members, with the Bangi division in Selangor among those now split between Mahathir’s supporters and those remaining loyal to president Muhyiddin Yassin.

Claims of a mutiny among Johor PPBM members have been dismissed by state chairman Mazlan Bujang, who said the heads of all 26 Johor divisions and their members supported Muhyiddin.

However, in Selangor, several divisions have been split and claims of divisions being dissolved have been met by counter-claims from others in the division.

Bangi division’s head, Mohd Sufian Mat Yunus, announced the division’s dissolution today, following the lead of four other PPBM divisions in Selangor, which said they had lost faith in the party leadership headed by Muhyiddin.

However, the deputy division head, youth chief, women’s chief and two committee members said they did not resign and still support Muhyiddin.

Mohd Sufian and several other grassroots leaders in the division made the announcement to dissolve the party after claiming that the majority of the committee have left the party.

“As the head of the Bangi parliamentary division, I hereby announce the dissolution of the PPBM party in Bangi,” Sufian said at a press conference attended by more than 50 members who also left the party today.

Sufian said more than 300 active members of the party would follow and support Mahathir’s new party. He said he received a call from a minister last night asking him to remain in the party, but he said his mind was made up.

“For me, principles cannot be pawned for the sake of dignity,” he said. “I do not want to be seen as someone without principles.”

PPBM’s Petaling Jaya division was also split between the two factions. Divisional leader Shakirien Abd Razak denied that the division had been dissolved, as claimed by Mohamad Shafiri Abdul Karim, who said he had been elected as division chief in February.

But Shakirien told FMT today that the results of the election were not recognised by the party.

The head of the Kota Raja division, Wan Dzahanurin Ahmad, also denied today that the division was to be dissolved.

Among the high-profile members to have announced their exit from the party are supreme council members A Kadir Jasin, Tariq Ismail Mustafa, Abu Bakar Yahya and Jeram assemblyman Mohd Shaid Rosli.