Six left but 20,000 joined, PPBM sec-gen says

PUTRAJAYA: PPBM secretary-general Hamzah Zainudin says the party received over 20,000 applications for membership after Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s announcement that he would form a new independent Malay party called Pejuang.

“Six people left, but 20,000 joined,” he said on the sidelines of an event here today.

“The multiplier effect is good for us,” he added.

On the upcoming election in Sabah, Hamzah said PPBM needs more time to discuss seat allocations to ensure a win-win scenario for those involved.

“I have met with several top Umno leaders, PAS and others about the seat allocations,” he said.

Hamzah Zainudin

“If the state election happens, we are supposed to take over the government.”

On the issue of illegal immigrants, Hamzah who is home minister said a total of 21,241 undocumented migrants had been deported since early this year.

He said 269 local and foreign employers were also arrested.

“As of now, only 15,957 illegal immigrants are left in the depot,” he added.

He said it was challenging to arrange their deportation as many countries were not ready to accept the return of their citizens.

“Both countries must have a mutual agreement before Malaysia can deport them,” he said.

He added that many countries were using the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to delay these deportations.

“Due to the risk of Covid-19, many countries refuse to accept their citizens even though Malaysia has been very successful in fighting the pandemic.”

He also warned immigration officers not to become involved with syndicates which traffic migrants into the country.