Former chief justice to contest under Warisan in Sabah polls?

Former chief justice Richard Malanjum’s name is said to be on a list of candidates to run on a Warisan ticket in the Sabah elections.

KOTA KINABALU: Rumours that former chief justice Richard Malanjum will contest in the upcoming Sabah state elections are getting stronger after the man himself neither confirmed nor denied such talks today.

The country’s former top judiciary official sidestepped questions from reporters after an event in the northern Kota Belud district on whether he will be venturing into politics.

“It looks like it’s going to rain as the sky is dark so let’s go home,” he said, with a laugh.

Talk is rife that Malanjum, who retired as chief justice in April last year after reaching the mandatory retirement age, is tipped to stand on a Warisan ticket in the state polls.

Earlier, caretaker chief minister Shafie Apdal, who is also Warisan president, further fuelled the speculation when asked if Malanjum was being considered to contest as a Warisan candidate in the Sabah state elections next month.

“We wait until the time comes. There are no announcements yet. The forms are not even filled yet anyway and we don’t know who the candidates are.

“Even for me, people are asking me to stand in another seat (as opposed to Senallang). When the time comes, we will announce,” he said, to reporters after launching the Warisan election machinery in Kimanis today.

Malanjum’s name is on a purported list of Warisan candidates being circulated over social media since last week.

He is supposedly standing in the interior seat of Bingkor which comes under the Keningau parliamentary constituency.

The Sabah elections will take place on Sept 26 with early voting set for Sept 22, while nomination day is on Sept 12.

The election was triggered by the dissolution of the state assembly on July 30 amid a political crisis triggered by defections from the ruling faction to the opposition, which was led by former chief minister Musa Aman.