Use social media to help revive tourism industry, urges minister

Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Nancy Shukri at the Semarak Merdeka Melaka 2020 convoy programme.

KUALA LUMPUR: The tourism, arts and culture ministry today called on Malaysians to help revive the tourism industry by promoting local holiday destinations through the use of social media.

Speaking at a Semarak Merdeka Melaka 2020 convoy programme to promote Melaka’s tourism sector, minister Nancy Shukri urged Malaysians to “compete” in content creation by being “storytellers” and “ambassadors” for the country.

“I was informed that several media influencers have become storytellers and content creators who help develop the tourism and cultural sectors.

“We hope that this strong participation (in social media) will be a catalyst to help speed up the recovery process of the tourism industry and the country’s economy as a whole,” she said.

Nancy raising the Jalur Gemilang alongside motorcyclists participating in the Merdeka programme.

The Semarak Merdeka Melaka 2020 convoy programme, which enters its third year, aims to promote the tourism sector in Melaka and the broader Malaysia.

Held in conjunction with the nation’s 63rd Merdeka celebration, the event involves 91 local motorcyclists visiting tourist spots across three districts in Melaka from Aug 28 to Aug 30.