Don’t blame others for your own failure, Tamrin tells Zuraida

Tamrin Ghafar says it is impossible for Zuraida Kamaruddin not to know about the projects under her ministry.

PETALING JAYA: Tamrin Ghafar has hit back at Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin after she linked the former MP to one of the projects under her ministry alleged to have been directly approved by former finance minister Lim Guan Eng.

Zuraida had said that Tamrin, as an adviser to Bumi Segar Indah, had met and directly negotiated the solid waste transfer station project with Lim on Nov 26, 2018.

She claimed that Tamrin, the son of former deputy prime minister Ghafar Baba, was a strong Pakatan Harapan supporter.

She also claimed that Lim agreed to reduce the project cost by 10% and advised the company to approach the housing and local government ministry to formally make a proposal.

“After that, the project was approved by the finance ministry under Lim through a letter dated Feb 20 to the secretary-general of the housing and local government ministry,” she said.

Tamrin questioned Zuraida’s intention in linking him to the matter and told the minister not to involve or blame other people for her own failure.

“It is impossible for a minister not to know about the matter at all when the finance ministry only acts according to the recommendations of the housing and local government ministry.

“I will leave it to my lawyers to decide on the next course of action,” he said in a statement today.