LDP names Bumiputera Muslim candidate for Bongawan seat

LDP honorary president Chong Kah Kiat at a party event in Manggatal, Kota Kinabalu, today.

KOTA KINABALU: The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has named a young Bumiputera Muslim candidate to contest the Bongawan seat at the coming state elections.

Mohd Azree Abd Ghani was named by honorary LDP president Chong Kah Kiat today as the party’s candidate in Bongawan, a coastal town south of here.

Azree, 29, a Bongawan native, is one of several young candidates who will be featured by LDP in its attempt to be a third force against Perikatan Nasional (PN) and Warisan, which took power in 2018.

Chong said the selection of the right candidate is important not only to ensure victory but also to serve the people.

“We want honest candidates, we want candidates with integrity to develop the Bongawan area,” he said. “Because of that, I myself went down to the field to choose the candidate to represent the party at the next elections.”

It is understood that LDP has listed a number of candidates to represent the party in areas with a major population of Bumiputera Muslim and Kadazandusun Murut (KDM) voters.

Bongawan has a Muslim Bumiputera majority but also contains many voters among the KDM.

The LDP had previously announced that it wanted to contest more than 40 seats in line with its ambition to be an alternative to PN and Warisan.

The LDP was formerly a component party of Barisan Nasional and only contested in areas with many Chinese voters. It has decided to expand into other constituencies.