Rukun Negara encapsulates country’s soul, spirit and national unity says King

Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah at the 2020 National Day celebration in Dataran Pahlawan Negara today. (Bernama pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: The Rukun Negara, instituted 50 years ago as the basis of national unity and formation of the country, is not merely to be upheld symbolically each time the pledge is recited on National Day.

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah said instead, the soul and spirit of the Rukun Negara should be appreciated and practised in all aspects of daily life.

“The five principles of Rukun Negara form the formula of how the people of various races, religions, cultures and languages can overcome differences and diversity to live in peace and harmony.

“The Rukun Negara also demands a nation-state that is formed on the strength of strong religious beliefs, while the people are required to be loyal to the King who is the umbrella and symbol of the country’s sovereignty,” he said.

His Majesty said this in his Royal Address in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the Rukun Negara and National Day 2020.

The celebration was held in Putrajaya.

The Agong said the core principles outlined in the Rukun Negara are universal in nature that cuts across noble values of all nations and religions and capable of becoming a guide for the citizens of an independent nation.

Therefore, Sultan Abdullah said the principles should serve as a guide and be practised by all quarters, including the country’s leaders, the government and Malaysians.

At the same time, Sultan Abdullah also reminded all quarters to respect and defend all things that matter, including privileges and rights that had been agreed upon and enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

“Justice in this country is bound by laws that must be respected and complied with by every citizen regardless of rank and title,” said the Agong.

Meanwhile, in celebrating National Day, themed “Malaysia Prihatin” (Malaysia Cares) this year, Sultan Abdullah congratulated the government for efforts made to strengthen the country’s economy, as well as continuing to safeguard the welfare of the people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Agong also thanked the people for their resilience and determined spirit in facing the setback.

In conjunction with the National Day celebration and the 50th Anniversary of Rukun Negara, the King called on the people to appreciate and safeguard the country’s independence and peace.

“Indeed, peace and harmony in a multiracial society is the backbone of a nation’s strength.

“I am confident, if the spirit contained in the Rukun Negara continues to be appreciated and firmly embedded in the soul of every Malaysian, Insya-Allah, our country will continue to remain peaceful and harmonious, and become a strong and prosperous nation, with people that are united,” he added.

The Agong, together with the Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah, also took the opportunity to pray for Malaysia to be protected and blessed with everlasting peace, harmony and prosperity, and for Malaysians to remain united.

Sultan Abdullah ended his speech by extending his National Day and 50th Rukun Negara anniversary wishes to all Malaysians.