Delivery men unaware of benefits of joining social security scheme, says group

Melaka Socso director Abd Razak Omar says response to the self-employment social protection scheme has been poor.

PETALING JAYA: A lack of awareness on the benefits of joining the Self-Employment Social Security Scheme under Socso is one of the reasons why there is a low rate of contribution to the scheme, said the Malaysian Grab Drivers Association.

The group’s president, Arif Asyraf Ali, said most deliverymen were of the view that contributions under the scheme would indirectly lessen and affect their income.

“They don’t realise the benefits of contributing to this scheme because they only see the additional costs.

“They’re also not exposed to this because most food delivery men are between 18 and 25 years old. They are still young, so the awareness isn’t high,” he told FMT.

Melaka Socso director Abd Razak Omar had previously said they were hoping for more food deliverymen to acquire social protection through the scheme.

He said he only had 62 registered contributors under the scheme although there were nearly 600 food delivery men in Melaka.

Arif said he personally proposed to Socso for them to directly approach delivery men on the field and to work with e-hailing companies so that a more comprehensive action can be done.

“Many delivery men don’t know about this, so e-hailing companies and operators should also be involved to raise awareness and notify about their applications,” he said.

The scheme was created to offer social protection to self-employed individuals under the Self-Employment Social Security Act 2017.

It has been made mandatory for cab, bus and e-hailing drivers since June 1, 2017, and has been extended to 19 other self-employment sectors since Jan 1 this year.