PAS assembly calls for action on gambling and political funds

Eight resolutions were adopted at the PAS general assembly in Kota Bharu today. (Bernama pic)

KOTA BHARU: Eight resolutions were unanimously adopted by the PAS general assembly today, including one on Israel’s diplomatic relations with Arab nations, another on gambling and one on political funding.

The resolution on Israel urged all Muslims and Islamic governments to protest and condemn the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as well as any form of normalisation of diplomatic relations with Israel to curb the expansion of its political power and occupation of Palestine.

The council also condemned the actions of the Arab League, UAE and Bahrain which recognised the normalisation of diplomatic relations with Israel, which is a form of violation and hostility towards the Ummah.

It also urged the Malaysian government to study the “two-state solution” in its foreign relations pertaining to the Palestinian issue by emphasising the history and religious values for the benefit of Palestine and its people with a just solution.

A resolution on gambling urged the authorities to combat illegal gambling activities that are becoming more prevalent.

Six other resolutions were adopted without debate, including Titiwangsa PAS’ demand for stern action to be taken against individuals, community groups or irresponsible political party leaders who insult the Rukun Negara as well as other national symbols.

The Employees Provident Fund was urged to give flexibility to contributors to use the funds from Account 2 for performing the haj, particularly for first time applicants.

The higher education ministry was urged to create a national higher education endowment to reduce the financial burden of students affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and also urged to make Islamic Education a compulsory subject in examinations for Muslim students.

PAS Youth called for the establishment of policies, guidelines and procedures for the management of political funds in line with Islamic policy and relevant laws.

It also suggested that PAS should be given a minimum of 50% of Malay majority seats in Perak, of which 20% should be represented by youth.