Samy Vellu’s companion files appeal to be made party in suit

Meeriam Rosaline Edward Paul (left) seen with her lawyer Ramesh Sivakumar (right).

PETALING JAYA: A woman who claims to be the companion of S Samy Vellu has filed an appeal following the refusal of the High Court to include her as intervener in a case to determine the mental health of the former minister.

“We filed the notice of appeal today for the Court of Appeal to hear the matter,” said lawyer Ramesh Sivakumar, who is representing Meeriam Rosaline Edward Paul.

Last week, High Court judge Wong Chee Lin dismissed Meeriam’s application to be made party in the suit filed by Samy Vellu’s son, Vell Paari, to conduct a psychological evaluation on his father to ascertain whether the former MIC president is a mentally disordered person and if he could manage his own affairs.

Wong, however, allowed Vell Paari’s application, meaning an inquiry into Samy Vellu’s mental health would be carried out under Section 52 of the Mental Health Act.

In his suit filed last December, Vell Paari alleged Samy Vellu, 82, had been diagnosed with dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease two years ago and was not mentally fit to defend himself in two legal cases filed against him.

Vell Paari also claimed Samy Vellu is not able to access funds from his bank accounts as the bankers are aware of his condition and are not prepared to follow his instructions.

Earlier, in August, Meeriam filed a suit in the High Court in Ipoh against Samy Vellu and Vell Paari seeking a declaration that she be given due recognition and be accepted as part of the family.

She also sought access to Samy Vellu with no restrictions imposed by any other family member, including Vell Paari.

She said Vell Paari had financially disempowered Samy Vellu and taken control of his finances since 2017.

Meeriam, 59, said she had been in a quasi-spousal union with Samy Vellu and had been engaged in an “ala-matrimonial” relationship since 1981 and had documentary evidence to support her claim.

Besides this, Meeriam is also asking Samy Vellu and Vell Paari to settle unpaid living costs to her amounting to RM191,107.35, which she claimed was owed to her when it was cut off since July last year.

She is also seeking a one-off payment of RM20 million as lifetime living costs, besides a monthly stipend of RM25,000.

She is also seeking a declaration that she had been cared for and supported by Samy Vellu for close to 40 years, an injunction against Vell Paari or his agents to disallow them from stopping her from seeing the former minister, and an injunction to prevent Vell Paari from controlling his father’s finances, which had resulted in payments to her being stopped.

Ramesh said the Ipoh High Court has fixed case management for Oct 22.