First-time candidates finding out how ‘dirty’ politics can be

Jeff Lu Siau Wee (second from right) and his wife Andrea Oo Yong showing the police report lodged on the sex video. With them are Melanie Chia (left) and Daniel Isaac Hoong (right).

KOTA KINABALU: Politics can get very dirty and first-time candidates in this state election are getting a taste of it first-hand.

Parti Cinta Sabah’s Likas candidate Jeff Lu Siau Wee said he was among those who had fallen victim to dirty political tactics after he was linked to a sex video that surfaced on social media.

The businessman said the video began with decent photos of him but later shifted to a sex video, which he said was taken from a porn site.

“But, of course, it’s not a real video of me. My wife knows me best,” he told reporters after lodging a report on the video together with his wife, Andrea Oo Yong, at the city police station here today.

Rival candidates for the seat – independent candidate Melanie Chia and Usno’s Daniel Isaac Hoong – also turned up at the police station to show their support.

Earlier this week, the BN candidate for the same seat, Chang Kee Ying, also contesting for the first time, had lodged a report after fake nude photos of her were circulated on social media.

Lu said people should not resort to this kind of dirty politics.

“The most important people in my life are my family. If my family can trust me, then I believe the public can also trust me,” Lu said, thanking his wife, Chia and Hoong for their support.

He said similar videos of Warisan Plus candidates Junz Wong, who is contesting the Tanjung Aru seat, and Ginger Phoong, contesting the Luyang seat, were also circulated, but he was unsure whether they had lodged police reports.

Chia, who is a former SAPP deputy president, said the seven candidates vying for the Likas seat had agreed on a “gentleman’s agreement” on nomination day that they would not resort to slander or online smear campaigns.

“We are all good friendly people and there’s no need to resort to hate politics because that’s not part of the Sabah culture,” she said.

The veteran politician said she was no stranger to smear campaigns, recalling that in 2013, WhatsApp messages accusing her of accepting RM5 million were circulated the night before polling.

“I thought it was not serious until one voter told me at the polling centre: ‘I don’t want to shake your hand because you took money.’ Only then did I realise these kinds of lies are serious,” she said.

She said the seven candidates had a WhatsApp group called “Clean Likas”, where they kept in contact with each other.

Hoong, who is making his maiden foray in politics as well, said he also became the target of cybertroopers who he claimed had drawn caricatures of him “hugging pretty women” and supposedly indulging in alcohol and drugs.

“I was advised to lodge a police report, but for me, as a politician, I need to keep an open mind.

“I can accept the attacks against me. But I think this (obscene video) is a very bad deed,” he said.

Andrea said she was handling the matter calmly but the whole episode had confirmed what she had thought about politics all this while — that many would resort to dirty tactics to get what they wanted.

“The moment I watched the video, I knew it was not him,” she said.

She said the people behind the fake video knew they could not hurt her husband by claiming he had accepted money as he was financially stable and so decided on destroying his character with the “sex video”.

The other candidates vying for the Likas seat are Warisan Plus’ Tan Lee Fatt, LDP’s Sim Fui and Parti Perpaduan Rakyat Sabah’s Chong Chee Vui.

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