Even a ‘Power Ranger’ came to cast his vote in Sabah

A voter dressed as a “Power Ranger” was seen coming out to vote at the Sabah elections today. (Facebook pic)

KOTA KINABALU: Voters travelled far and wide today to vote in the Sabah elections, and even a “Power Ranger” was seen casting his vote.

Since voting began at 7.30am and by 2pm, about 54% of Sabahans had cast their ballots. Bernama reported that one voter even wore a white “Power Rangers” costume, equipped with a toy sword, to vote at the SMK Tansau polling centre.

There were also voters who chose to wear traditional tribal clothing and a viral picture on social media showed voters riding rickshaws to SK Nongkolud, Tuaran, to place their votes.

Warisan information chief Yusof Yacob, contesting in Sindumin, was spotted wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) when casting his vote in Sipitang.

A total of 2,540 channels in 741 polling stations were opened in all 73 state seats to enable Sabahans to elect new state assembly members, from whom a state government will be formed.

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