Accept your loss with dignity, former Sabah AG urges Warisan

Warisan Plus, which won 32 seats, has been urged to accept that it was defeated at the state assembly elections.

PETALING JAYA: Former Sabah state attorney-general Mariati Robert has urged Warisan Plus to respect the people’s mandate won by Gabungan Rakyat Sabah, whose candidates were returned to 38 seats in Saturday’s state assembly elections.

“Warisan Plus does not command the support of a majority of the members of the assembly. It has been defeated,” she said. “Warisan Plus must accept that they have lost this election and must accept defeat in a dignified and constructive manner,”

She said for Warisan Plus to cling to power would be seen as “a travesty and a betrayal of the trust” of the people.

She urged the party to accept the “noble role” of an opposition party, to keep the government in check. “This is the new role which Warisan Plus should aspire to perform,” she said.

Mariati Robert.

Mariati disputed an argument that has been put forward that the Governor should appoint a chief minister from Warisan Plus based on Article 6(7) of the state constitution.

She said the Governor would appoint the leader of the party with most seats only if the party had won more than 50% of the seats in the state assembly.

Warisan won 29 seats on Saturday (six seats through candidates from DAP), PKR 2 and Upko 1 for a total of 32, five seats short of a majority.

Mariati said the arguments that relied on Article 6(7) were “clearly wrong and misconceived”, she said.

GRS won a total of 38 seats in the 73-seat state assembly, comprising 17 for Perikatan Nasional, 14 for Barisan Nasional and 7 for PBS.

Earlier today GRS agreed to nominate Sabah PN chief Hajiji Noor for chief minister. He is expected to take his oath of office tomorrow.