Music maestro’s son gains slight vision after brain surgery

An optometrist fitting a pair of glasses on Ooi Chin Seng. (Elaine Khaw pic)

PETALING JAYA: The blind son of veteran music composer Ooi Eow Jin has gained slight vision three months after a brain tumour surgery, made possible through donations from FMT readers.

Ooi Chin Seng, 56, who went blind more than three years ago as a result of the tumour, began to see a little with his left eye last week.

He lost vision in his right eye soon after he was diagnosed with the brain tumour at the age of 14.

His mother, Elaine Khaw, hoped Chin Seng, who now wears spectacles, will gradually gain full vision in his left eye.

Elaine, 84, said: “It’s a start and I will never give up hope because he’s not giving up.”

Ooi Eow Jin’s condition has seen little change. (Elaine Khaw pic)

She expressed her gratitude to the medical team and donors for helping her family during a difficult period.

In June, an FMT report on the critical medical condition of Alzheimer’s disease-stricken Ooi, 84, and Chin Seng, who needed urgent operation, drew instant public help.

Within days, well-wishers had donated some RM110,000, more than covering Chin Seng’s surgery cost of RM65,000.

Elaine said there was little change in the condition of her bedridden husband and that he was still being fed baby food.

Ooi, whose name was synonymous with the Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) Orchestra as a composer-songwriter in the 1960s and 70s, was struck by Alzheimer’s disease in 2015.