PJ mall sanitised after worker’s roommate comes down with Covid-19

Paradigm Mall says the patient is not a mall worker, but had visited the mall on Oct 2. Sanitisation is being carried out in accordance with official guidelines.

PETALING JAYA: Paradigm Mall today said a Covid-19 case has been detected at the complex, indirectly involving a staff member of Brands Outlet.

The patient is a roommate of the outlet staff who recently returned from Sabah and tested positive, but is not a mall staff member nor an employee of any other tenant at the complex, the mall management said today.

The management said the mall would immediately undergo sanitisation in adherence to the health ministry’s guidelines.

The individual had only been to the mall on Oct 2, during which he did not show any symptoms. He applied for medical leave the following day and has not reported for work since.

“All the tenant’s other employees as well as people who were in direct contact with the said employee are being traced, notified and advised to immediately self-quarantine and to seek immediate medical assistance if they begin to show any symptoms or feel unwell,” it said.

Brands Outlet said in a statement that the individual is now receiving medical attention.

It also said the outlet had been temporarily closed to mitigate the risk of infection, adding that all staff would undergo screening and 14 days of quarantine as a precautionary measure.

Brands Outlet apologised for the inconvenience caused and said any further information on Covid-19 would be shared on its Facebook page.