Roadblocks, road closures at Bandar Puteri and Pandamaran

Lebuh Gelang 1 and Jalan Selat Selatan 14 will be closed, police said.

SHAH ALAM: Police will place roadblocks and close the road at Bandar Puteri, Klang (Jalan Gelang 8) and in Taman Suria, Pendamar (Suria Pendamar flats), Pandamaran, from midnight tonight.

It follows the enforcement of the conditional movement control order in the Klang sub-district.

South Klang district police chief Shamsul Amar Ramli said “in Bandar Puteri, roadblocks will be mounted at Lebuh Gelang 1 Aran Kanan while Lebuh Gelang 1 towards Jalan Johan Setia will be closed. In Taman Suria, roadblocks will be conducted at the entrance to Jalan Selat Selatan 14 while Jalan Selat Selatan 14 towards Jalan Banting-Pandamaran will be closed until the CMCO is over.”

Shamsul said people who want to go in and out of Bandar Puteri (Jalan Gelang 8) and Taman Suria Pendamar (Suria Pandamaran flats) are required to get a letter of approval from the police.

“Fines will be issued if there is non-compliance with the CMCO standard operating procedure,” he said.