Johor to seek new sources of water

Johor menteri besar Hasni Mohamamad at the Upper Layang dam at ceremonies to mark world water monitoring day. (Bernama pic)

JOHOR BAHRU: The Johor state government is conducting a study to identify potential water sources in the state which can provide alternative supply to the existing reservoirs.

Menteri Besar Hasni Mohammad said this was to keep up with the increasing water consumption in Johor.

“We have to make plans and take action to ensure our water supply is sufficient. Currently, the limited and polluted groundwater also incurs a very high treatment cost,” he said at the Johor-level world water monitoring day celebrations.

He said water consumption by domestic consumers in Johor recorded 216 litres per capita per day, which had been increasing each year.

“The federal government aims to reduce water consumption for each Malaysian to 180 litres per day by 2025 while the proposed rate by the United Nations is 165 litres per day. Therefore, let’s not use water excessively … Water is not a luxury, it’s a necessity,” he added.

Hasni also said that efficient water management was not the responsibility of the state government alone but required the involvement of the relevant agencies.

He said the Johor Water Regulatory Body’s programme known as the Water Safety Plan in collaboration with Ranhill SAJ, the Environment Department, National Water Services Commission and the state Health Department, could help make water management more efficient.