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Current affairs in Sabah and Sarawak.

NGO hails Adenan’s return of Baram to the people

Save Rivers, the NGO, has bouquets for the Chief Minister for revoking the gazette on Baram and returning the land to the people.

Don: Racism exists as part of political system

Universiti Sarawak Malaysia Associate Professor Andrew Aeria notes that seats in Sarawak are divided into different racial and religious categories.

Masidi: Sabah risks losing tourists if filth mars beauty

Tourists come for a clean and healthy environment and can’t stand seeing garbage all over the place and being bothered by flies.

Dompok’s appointment an Easter gift to Malaysian Christians

Portuguese community activist Joseph Sta Maria says Benard Dompok's appointment as Ambassador to the Vatican is a blessing and he is the most fitting candidate to hold the post due to his vast experience.

Jabu not contesting in Sarawak election

Sarawak CM also wants Douglas Uggah not to "waste time" in KL and to return to contest in state seat.

Jambun: Halt electoral re-delineation exercise in Sabah

The human rights advocate warned that any electoral re-delineation exercise in Sabah which does not weed out suspect seats, will not be fair to all parties.

Obese man brought to hospital via three-tonne lorry

Miri Fire and Rescue head says six firemen along with medical assistants lifted Indrawady Jaya using a mattress as he was too big to fit a stretcher.

Direct BN candidates likely for 2 Bidayuh majority seats

Sarawak CM Adenan Satem says the move for the seats of Serembu and Bukit Semuja is to "avoid conflict" within the ruling coalition.

Zahid: Popular Adenan will earn BN more votes

Support expected to increase at coming state elections in tandem with chief minister's rising popularity.

Najib pilihan sistem negara demokrasi- ADUN Sabah

Rakyat juga tidak perlu terpengaruh dengan tindakan Dr Mahathir serta pembangkang dan seharusnya menunggu peluang untuk memilih pemimpin pada PRU akan datang

BN to name direct-entry candidates after SUPP-UPP tussle

Rivalry between SUPP and UPP for fielding candidates in Bawang Assan and Dudong state seats

Telian, Balingian candidates to be known tomorrow

Announcement by Sarawak CM will end speculation on who will be representing BN for the two seats.

Learn from Penang, Dapsy tells Sarawak

Dapsy Publicity Secretary Abdul Aziz Isa cites the Penang government's ability to reduce its state debt by 90% after taking over from BN.

‘Opposition barred entry in S’wak to preserve harmony’

PBB leader Peter Minos says Sarawak was free of racial problems until DAP and PKR made their way there.

SAPP supports call for special committee on Sabah issues

Party's Deputy President Melanie Chia says federal government must also give Sabah more resources and powers to resolve various issues on their own.

Swak’s RM2.5b debt mostly for rural development

Water supply projects account for bulk of loans from Putrajaya as more resources needed due to Sarawak's vast size and scattered rural communities.

Rewcastle: New CM no better than the old one

As governor, Taib still like an octopus with a grip that encompasses Sarawak's economy, says Sarawak Report editor

Abolition of quit rent in Sarawak ‘great news’

Sarawak Housing and Real Estate Developers’ Association says there will be no need now to worry about penalties, seizures or auctions.

Parents angered by transfer of porn-sharing HM

Headmaster caught sharing pornographic content in WhatsApp group has been transferred to a rural school.

MP saddened Sabahans still digging holes to defecate

Sabahan MP Abdul Ghapur Salleh wants setting up of a special parliamentary committee to suggest ways to narrow the development gap between the have and the have nots.

Adenan’s close shave with death

Sarawak chief minister says God has given him a new lease of life and when he does anything as a leader, he always asks himself if his late mother would approve of it.

Adenan: I look out for Sarawak’s interests

My policy is I befriend whoever out there who is friendly to Sarawak and can help us, says Sarawak Chief Minister.

Adenan apologises for ‘Iban wife’ joke

Sarawak Chief Minister stresses Prime Minister Najib Razak knew it was meant as a joke but he apologised all the same if he had offended others by it.

Real change means working on the impossible

"From experience, things can change as long as somebody is willing to work on the impossible," says DAP assemblywoman Yeo Bee Yin.