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Current affairs in Sabah and Sarawak.

You can’t have your pie and eat it, Nazri tells Opposition

Tourism and Culture minister says if the Opposition agrees that the 18-point Malaysia Agreement must be respected, then they have to respect the decision when it is enforced.

PKR man claims tweets of him mocking CM Adenan fake

However, Facebook post of Saifuddin Shafi calling Adenan stupid old man can still be viewed.

Guan Eng writes to Adenan on Immigration Act

The DAP Secretary-General makes the case for his party members to enter Sarawak for legitimate political activities in view of the imminent state election.

Entry ban: S’wak no place for ‘undesirables’

State Immigration director clarifies that classification of "undesirable" not limited to Opposition lawmakers alone.

Sabotage from within threatens Sarawak BN, says analyst

Candidate selection could create problems for popular Chief Minister Adenan Satem.

Sarawak votes on May 7, nominations on April 25

1,138,650 voters eligible to vote in 82 seats.

Afif is latest casualty of Swak’s ban on Opposition leaders

PKR Youth leader Afif Bahardin says ban on Opposition leaders shows Sarawak BN's cowardice in the run-up to the state election.

PAS in talks with Pakatan Harapan for S’wak election

Sarawak PAS secretary says party has been communicating with only PKR.

SUPP disappointed its seats given to direct candidates

SUPP President Dr Sim Kui Hian says he does not agree with direct candidate concept.

Blue skies return to KK as rain comes

Two consecutive days of drenching rain brought relief to the haze-hit and water-short Sabah capital reeling from the effects of forest fires and a dry spell along the west coast.

UPP must rally behind BN candidates, urges sec-gen

UPP Secretary-General George Lo Kuin Fah says resignation of UPP members done according to BN's constitution.

Stop bickering and start fighting Opposition, says Adenan

Full list, including direct candidates, will be announced before nomination day, says Adenan Satem.

Outspoken DAP man likely to contest Batu Kitang seat

Fluent in Melanau and Hokkien, Abdul Aziz Isa believes he will give BN a good run for its money

Adenan: BN direct candidates must resign from parties

Sarawak BN chief says they can choose to join any party after winning.

Mawan to resign from Teras if he has to

He backs Adenan's directive to those to be chosen as direct BN candidates.

Ex-mufti of Perlis is BN candidate for S’wak election

Adenan Satem announces Dr Juanda Jaya will be contesting for the Jemoreng state seat under the PBB ticket.

Adenan: Opposition leaders can visit Sarawak after polls

Sarawak CM says ban also applies to Umno or BN individuals the state considers as extremists.

Adenan worse than Taib Mahmud in abusing his powers

Chief Minister Adenan Satem will go down in history as being worse than his predecessor when it comes to abusing the state’s immigration powers.

S’wak election: Independent candidates form coalition

New coalition called Barisan Malaysia says current government has failed to bring sufficient development to the Bumiputera community.

Let the Sarawak state election be a Sarawak affair

Affendi Jeman says politicians from both sides of the divide, who do not have Sarawak's interests at heart, should not be allowed to campaign.

Masing: 1MDB and GST issues won’t jeopardise BN

PRS president says issues associated with the PM cannot be used as political capital as the people of Sarawak know what Najib Razak has done for the country.

Baru pledges autonomous S’wak under Pakatan

The Opposition’s stand on Sarawak’s rights and status has been crystal clear, consistent and certain from the beginning, and was set out in manifestos and policy documents.

DAP: Harapan hopes to wrest 22 seats in Sarawak

Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen says many people are against the Federal Government despite Adenan Satem's popularity as CM.

Jaban: S4S will lodge Referendum Petition with UN

Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem didn’t turn up at the S4S Debate, “Safeguarding Sarawak”, to accept the Petition signed by 300,000 people.