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Current affairs in Sabah and Sarawak.

Naughty postings: Pro-BN group calls for special team

NGO coalition calls for action by police, MCMC and Attorney-General.

Education Ministry gives over RM25m to S’wak schools

Aid was given to 262 schools under the ministry’s Pakej Rancangan Khas (PRK) programme but many more schools in the state also require financial help.

Dr M just as much at fault as Najib, says Baru...

The growing disaffection among Sarawakians worsens as each new prime minister takes over, says PKR Sarawak chief.

Kadir: Najib risks ‘fixed deposits’ as he woos PAS

Even the Muslim-majority parties in the Borneo states may not like the idea of a PAS-Umno union, says the veteran newsman.

While Sarawak speaks up on autonomy, Sabah is mute

It is the activists in Sabah who not only led the way once on autonomy but pushed their counterparts in Sarawak into action.

Appalling conditions at Sarawak school to be looked into

Sarawak Education Minister brushes aside the Lawas District Education Office dismissing the plight of students at SMK Sundar in the rural interior.

Baru: Rural schools in S’wak in deplorable state

Some photos the lawmaker received show that textbooks offered to pupils were insufficient, old and torn, and the mattresses dumped in a heap in the dormitory are old, stained and torn.

GST rebate for prepaid cards going smoothly

Communications and Multimedia Minister says the rebate, which started on January 1, does not imply that GST on prepaid cards has been scrapped altogether.

Chan: More Chinese tourists giving M’sia a ‘miss’

Chinese tourists are making for Thailand and Indonesia as Malaysia was not ‘market-friendly’ on its visa waiver programme.

No place in S’wak for Opposition of ‘noise-makers’

The Barisan Nasional (BN) is not saying that Sarawak does not need an Opposition which can act as a check-and-balance but it’s against one which “simply makes noise”.

Adenan’s leadership can raise support for BN in Sarawak

The implementation of new policies like empowerment for Sarawak in a number of sectors,and the ending of toll collection in the state has managed to raise support for Adenan and BN.

PKR S’wak launches ‘RM26 for Change’ campaign

The party wants to use relatively modest financial contributions from individuals to help make a difference in the lives of the people.

Pro BN group wants probe on alleged DAP-Israel ties

NGO says if it is true that DAP has ties with Israel as alleged by Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki of PAS, it will be a huge disaster for Malaysia.

Dept to study soil condition at cemetery in landslide

Minister Wan Junaidi says various departments will assess the soil in the area after 100 graves and skeletal remains were washed down after heavy rains.

Sabahans face tough year ahead

The eastern seaboard of Sabah has rich natural resources and is capable of attracting a large number of tourists and investors if there’s better security.

Sarawak polls in March, hints CM

Chief Minister Adenan Satem tells Sarawakians to be ready to vote for Barisan Nasional in three months' time.