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Current affairs in Sabah and Sarawak.

Pay up 20% oil royalty or stop pumping in Sabah, says...

The Sabah opposition leader accuses the PH government of making promises just to get support during the election.

Team up for states’ rights, Anifah urges Sabah, Sarawak

Former federal minister says the two states have a better chance against Putrajaya if they work as a unit.

Traditional village land to be marked NCR, says Abang Jo

The move is to ensure that natives could claim ownership of their lots, which cannot be sold or categorised as mixed zone land.

Foodpanda riders on strike in KK against new scheme

A spokesperson for the group claims riders will earn less under the new scheme compared to the old system.

Sabah ‘yes’ to UEC but with conditions

Chief Minister Shafie Apdal says certain requirements must be met for entry to public institutions of higher learning and state civil service.

Sabah needs budget to find business in Kalimantan, says economist

A UiTM academic calls for a special allocation to show the Indonesians that the state has the backing of its big brother.

Sarawak has new formula for oil revenue-sharing, says CM

Abang Johari says the new formula will not jeopardise Petronas as an international company.

PBS turns down invite to join Umno-PAS unity charter

Maximus Ongkili says his party has different issues such as state rights, illegal immigrants and citizenship to focus on.

Junz Wong’s 2014 suspension from assembly unlawful, declares court

He was suspended for six months for sensationalising and misleading the House on a crime reported in a newspaper.

‘Insecure’ Warisan pinching our reps, says PBS chief

Maximus Ongkili says his assemblymen are being wooed even at the driving range.

MACC focusing on illegal logging, mining

MACC chief Latheefa Koya says the agency will go all out to combat the illegal activities as environmental issues involve public interest.

Sarawak DAP slams threat to ruin mooncake festival celebration

Individual says he will demolish the stage if the event is politicised.

Stop creating hatred towards federal govt, GPS told

Pending assemblyman Violet Yong warns that playing with regional sentiments would only divide the people.

Another PBS rep joins Warisan

PBS vice-president Abdul Rahman Kongkawan, a first-term assemblyman, announces his departure from the party he spent almost 30 years with.

Contamination forces Sarawak’s hydrogen plant to close

This has affected hydrogen supply to three new hydrogen-fuelled buses in Kuching.

Sabah on course to take over SESB from TNB

Deputy minister says only technical matters formed the bulk of issues that needed to be addressed.

It’ll be another ‘disappointing’ Budget 2020, says Sabah opposition

Three Sabah opposition leaders demand that Putrajaya deliver on its 20% oil royalty promise and return 40% net revenue owed.

Listen, we know better what Sabah needs, deputy CM tells Putrajaya

Deputy Chief Minister Wilfred Madius Tangau says the federal government must implement recommendations made by Sabah to achieve 'shared prosperity vision'.

At home in a man’s world, Sarawak woman fire station chief...

Maureen Sim says her approach is to listen and take into account everyone's opinion.

Just ban pump boats, no need for study, says PBS’ Ongkili

The former federal minister says the spate of kidnappings recently in waters off Lahad Datu is sufficient proof that the state government should reimpose the ban.

Hackers threaten to bring down Sabah Water Department website over quality...

The Silence Hacker Group says it is unhappy with the quality of service offered by the department.

Probe late birth registrations using SDs in Sabah, PBS tells Putrajaya

PBS welcomes the move to stop such registrations, saying no documents should be issued for applications using SDs unless these are properly verified.

Fight at Sabah mall nothing to do with race, says police...

In a 38-second video clip that went viral on social media, two groups can be seen throwing chairs at each other at a mall in Kota Kinabalu.

Late birth registration condition shows govt ignorant of Sarawakian needs, says...

Solidariti Anak Sarawak activist says latest changes to procedures for IC applications will exacerbate the statelessness problem in Sarawak.