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From one point of view to another.

Why the ministerial silence on UM graduation fracas?

Only hypocrites who condone racism would consider Wong Yan Ke's actions criminal.

Is the education sector ready for streamless schools?

One can already imagine the scheduling and logistical nightmare that will take place next year.

There’s no dignity in the likes of Zainal Kling

This nation was built by people of various races.

How China loses friends and alienates people

The more friends China turns into enemies, the easier it will be for Washington to assemble a broad coalition to contain its ambitions.

UM student protester deserves our respect

This young student displayed more courage and integrity than most of our politicians.

Bagaimana Salafi naik ke langit?

Nyatalah, kepekatan suhu Islam hari ini bukan sangat terjadi kerana Syiahisme atau Revolusi Islam Iran.

Non-Muslim leaders and our confused clerics

When minority non-Muslims are ready to live with the Muslims peacefully, why the need to discriminate against the former?

When the system denies children justice

Do we care for the welfare of children as much as we care for the welfare of adults and those in power?

Tigers everywhere: Malaysia’s terrorism mystery

Many things don’t add up, like the absence of reports anywhere of an LTTE revival.

Utusan 2.0 pasti tidak sama Utusan asal

Jenama tidak menjamin keaslian, bukan saja dari segi haluan politik kepartian dan idealisme perjuangan nasionalisme Melayu, tetapi juga etos dan budaya kewartawanan yang membentuk Utusan Melayu dan Utusan Malaysia asal.

Future budgets should address family planning

There is a clear link between family planning, women empowerment, and human capital development.

A more progressive solution than fuel subsidy

The biggest beneficiaries of the government's fuel subsidy will not be the lower- and middle-income groups.

What the budget’s focus on healthcare says

The 2020 Budget, which provided an increased allocation for this sector, also proves that the government is listening to the people.

Wahai ahli politik, hormati kebijaksanaan polis

Setakat hari ini, tiada siapa tahu apa yang polis dapat siasat mengenai LTTE. Jangan kerana ada ahli politik yang ditangkap, maka ada yang melenting.

A budget in search of a vision

What exactly is going on? It is hard to figure out what vision animated the recently-announced 2020 budget.

Malay unity talks must lead to a truly Malaysian unity

While Malays have taken the initiative to unite their own 'household', we also need a narrative that involves all Malaysians.

Transferring a sadistic teacher sends the wrong message

Teachers accused of abusing their students must be made to face the law, not moved to other schools.

Haram to be Malaysian?

Resolutions and statements at the recently concluded Kongres Maruah Melayu detailed the agenda of the emerging ‘Malaysia for Malay’ construct.

How to make SPV 2030 attainable

Putrajaya needs to focus on corruption and socio-economic disparities in the next decade.

Stage 4 cancer in our public universities

How can we employ graduates who can only offer an imaginary social contract as their curriculum vitae to secure employment?

Utusan and the wave of Malay dignity

Utusan Malaysia strove, in its early days, to inspire dignity among the Malays and make them politically conscious but in later years, under Umno, it shot itself on the foot… and the head, too.

Hypocrisy in Europe’s psy-war against palm oil

European public opinions on palm oil are orchestrated to create a state of fear. 

A tale of 2 newspapers, and its lesson to others

They could have survived the general election outcome had they been independent and practised balanced news coverage.

Awang Selamat mati tersenyum kambing

Utusan antara penyebab kepada masalah yang kita hadapi hari ini. Jika tidak pun menjadi penyebab paling utama, Utusan adalah kudis awalnya.