Fuziah Salleh has got her facts wrong


From Nick Curtis, via e-mail

I refer to the FMT article, ‘MP files complaint with Aussie commission’, and wish to say that  the claims made by MP Fuziah Salleh are factually wrong.

Lynas has met with more than 3,000 local residents in Malaysia since it received the International Atomic Energy Agency recommendations to intensify its communications activities, and will continue to do so

Lynas is fulfilling its community consultation obligations, and claims to the contrary are factually wrong. Lynas has every confidence it is in compliance with its disclosure obligations.

MP Fuziah cites in her filing a Lynas Corporation quarterly report. There is a very important point to include: In response to Recommendation 9, one of the communications recommendations from the IAEA, Lynas clearly states: “The (Malaysian) government via AELB will make all related documents from Lynas publicly available.”

In line with this, the company (Lynas) submits all documents directly to the government for review, which then makes it available to the public. This makes no representation that Lynas will make those documents available to the public, nor should it.

The writer is Lynas Corporation’s executive chairman.

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