Shut down Johor Zoo immediately

FMT LETTER, From Jan Shepherd, via e-mail

Johor Zoo are openly breaking the 2010 Wildlife Conservation Act which has been passed to eliminate cruelty and bad zoos. The zoo is run by uncaring and incompetent people who are not even trying to improve the wellbeing of the animals.

They also abuse animals which can be seen with the cases of the two orangutans Shirley and Abu and the baby elephant Paloh – both of which took a lot of campaigning and worldwide exposure before Perhilitan was shamed into moving the animals.

The zoo appears to have spent large amounts of money on everything but improving conditions which shows they do not care about the animals.

I have recently read that Friends of the Orangutans have seen indications that the zoo may be expecting new orangutans who will be kept in the same barren enclosure. How can Perhilitan let this happen when the zoo is abusing animals and simply breaking the law?

If more orangutans are brought in to the zoo this can only damage Perhilitan’s reputation further.

Johor Zoo must be shut down immediately.