DAP practising double standards in dealing with MACC

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By Michael Lee

Following Lim Guan Eng’s arrest and claiming trial on two counts of corruption, it was not surprising that DAP referred to the case as merely “political persecution” and indicated that the chief minister need not take leave pending his trial.

This shows that DAP does not practise what it preaches.

In fact, DAP had asked Prime Minister Najib Razak to go on leave pending an earlier inquiry into allegations against him.

But DAP turns a blind eye when it comes to the chief minister’s bungalow purchase scandal, where Guan Eng was never asked to take leave pending investigation against him and the trial.

A crime charge is more serious than an inquiry. If DAP thinks that one has to go on leave even if he or she is under investigation, then why does a person being charged not need to do the same and be allowed instead to hold on to his post?

An inquiry is launched to clear a particular allegation made against a person, while a prosecution is conducted only when there is sufficient evidence.

Earlier, Najib was proven innocent upon completion of investigations against him. Instead, Guan Eng is charged with corruption as there is evidence which points to the allegation against him.

A politician can no longer perform his or her duties after being charged with an offence.

DAP is practising double standards while dealing with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

There were times when it showed confidence in the MACC, but it now declares the investigation and prosecution is “political persecution.”

PKR Vice-President and Secretary-General Rafizi Ramli had previously lodged a report with the MACC over alleged corruption in the Selangor Government administration, indicating that PKR actually believes in the anti-graft body’s accountability and integrity.

He would never have done so if he had doubts about the MACC, or else he too would be subject to some sort of “political persecution”, would he not?

It is true that Guan Eng had purchased the bungalow below market price, without pressure from anyone. Now, it is time to leave it to the courts.

DAP should not try to divert attention in a bid to galvanise sympathy from the public.

If DAP wants accountability in the trial, it should support any probes to find out the truth.

The chief minister should also be suspended from all posts while under investigation to prove the Penang Government’s pledge for CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparency).

Michael Lee is Penang MCA Youth Chairman and MCA Youth National Treasurer.

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