Is Guan Eng a victim of tyranny?


By Charles Santiago

The Prime Minister, Najib Razak, and his party members are like kids who are enjoying the after-effects of a party. In this case, it’s the victory of the recently concluded by-elections.

This euphoria coupled with absolute power, a toothless police force and a tainted judiciary is disastrous, it’s effects clearly seen in the unnecessary arrest and charging of Penang Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

He was hauled up by the police and members of the anti-corruption agency over the purchase of a bungalow below market price and held overnight for questioning.

This is preposterous and done just to humiliate Guan Eng and undermine his credibility as a Chief Minister despite the fact that he does not pose a flight risk.

It’s a blatant abuse of authority and demonstrates a government that would do anything to hold on to power.

Najib is certainly on a witch hunt: he has silenced leaders from within his party and fractured Pakatan Rakyat by offering a pseudo olive branch to gullible PAS, besides enjoying the full support of the police and Attorney-General.

In January, Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali closed a graft investigation, clearing Najib of wrongdoing. He said no criminal offence had been committed despite millions of dollars of 1MDB money going missing in complex overseas transactions that have never been fully explained.

It was revealed last year that $681 million was transferred to the Prime Minister’s personal bank accounts in 2013.

Najib said the money was a personal donation from the Saudi Royal family.

He was faced by a crisis last year and repeated calls for his resignation when ordinary Malaysians and political leaders demanded he be investigated for corruption.

Guan Eng was one of the most critical voices.

And today he faces a charge that could very well land him in prison because of a political conspiracy.

This is therefore the time where every one of us must stand together with Guan Eng and DAP to fight tyranny.

It’s time we show the government that we will not tolerate the persecution of good men and women for the sake of greed for power demonstrated by corrupt individuals.

English poet, writer and journalist, Mary Ann Evans, who was known by her pen name George Eliot said: We should read history and look at ostracism, persecution, martyrdom, and that kind of thing. They always happen to the best men, you know.

Guan Eng is one such man.

Charles Santiago is Member of Parliament for Klang.

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