Talking baloney about honour and CAT


From: Ah Beng, via email

Ti Lian Ker’s piece, “DAP’s two sides when caught on the CAT walk” (FMT, July 3) is the epitome of politicians not able to feel the pulse of the nation. They are caught in the quagmire of deceit and connivance. They are hypocrites without knowing it. They talk baloney, but believe they have said things of great wisdom.

From that Thursday morning when Lim Guan Eng was charged in court, Barisan Nasional politicians have spoken endlessly about the need for him to resign or to take leave of absence, citing honour and the DAP’s own “CAT” initiatives.

The charge has now become everything.

Some said it was poetic justice, some said they have suspected the wrongs committed by Lim all along and some said the CAT programme was nothing but a big farce. Whether they realise or not, judgement on Lim’s guilt has been passed even before the trial begins.

I think it pays for politicians to touch their hearts before making more statements on Lim.

Injustice is a very painful thing to most people. Since independence, how many sitting chief ministers, menteri besars or ministers were arrested overnight and charged in court for corruption in double quick time?

As for Lim, just look at the spontaneous donations for his bail within the first 20 hours after he was charged in court. Can we say the people are blindly partisan, foolish or gullible for doing this? I think the people are “partisan” on the side of justice, for right against wrong and for fair play. Did we hear a whimper when the former MB of Selangor was convicted and sent to prison?

What did sea of colours flooding the streets of Penang for Lim this morning (Sunday July 3) tell us about the feeling of the people? Did these people come because they have free transport, allowances, free meals or free T-shirts?

The collective feeling of the people can never be hidden. Neither can we fake it.

Some politicians don’t even know that the people are not bothered about the guilt or innocence of Lim at this stage. All they see is gross depravity everywhere worse than any under-priced bungalow.

It is futile to engage in a holier than thou attitude, meaningless to talk about ethics and morality in absolute terms. Most people are even willing to do a little evil for a greater good.

People like Ti Lian Ker ought to know why the people desperately cling on to whatever is available even if they know these alternatives to be far from perfect. If Ti doesn’t know, he can’t feel the pulse of the nation.

‘Ah Beng’ is the pseudonym of an FMT reader.

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