A’Famosa Resort zoo still exploiting wildlife


From: Jennifer Yeap via e-mail

Malaysians Friends of the Animals recently carried out an investigation at the Safari Wonderland zoo in A’Famosa Resort Melaka and found the management of A’Famosa is still exploiting animals at its zoo and openly breaking the 2010 Wildlife Conservation Act.

In the animal shows at the zoo otters are forced to roll on cylinders, put coloured balls through a hoop, while a macaque is paraded on a buffalo’s head while a cockatoo is made to paint. The animals are made to do these, among other tricks at the zoo for the entertainment pleasure of paying zoo visitors.

The 2010 Wildlife Conservation Act makes it clear that only shows which portray an animal’s natural behaviour is allowed. So why is A’Famosa Resort still above the law? Why has Perhilitan allowed the abuse and exploitation to continue years after the 2010 Act came into force? Action must be urgently taken on A’Famosa Resort and all zoos who break the law as they abuse and exploit animals for financial profit.


Besides its shows, the resort still offers elephant rides and elephant shows to visitors. Several years ago A’Famosa Resort were exposed for cruelty to elephants but it appears they got off the hook. In the meantime elephants continue to be exploited and no one says or does anything to help them. Years ago zoos like the Melaka Zoo, Taiping Zoo and even Zoo Negara stopped elephant rides as they realised it was nothing but exploitation of animals and did not offer any conservation value. In fact, the government has also stopped elephant riding at the Kuala Gandah elephant sanctuary.

However, it appears that for A’Famosa Resort, elephant rides and shows are all about maximising profits even if it means teaching young Malaysians it’s OK to exloit animals.

Elephants used for rides and shows are abused away from the public eye. Ask any well-meaning captive elephant expert and this is what you will hear too. MFOTA has previously written about captive elephants abused in zoos and tourist centres.

MFOTA urges Malaysians to boycott all zoos exploiting animals through shows and rides. Zoos will only change when customers demand captive animals to be treated humanely.

Jennifer Yeap represents Malaysian Friends of the Animals.

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