Robbery in JPJ: More than meets the eye


By Ah Beng

Many questions came to my mind when I read of the armed robbery at the Road Transport Department (JPJ) office in Jalan Genting Kelang. The amount involved was substantial – RM754,000 to be exact.

Is this the sign of the times when robbers and thieves start targeting government offices and departments? It is either that robbers are becoming increasingly desperate or that government departments are becoming rather slack in their security arrangements.

As far as I know, government departments dealing with the collection of fees, taxes and other forms of revenue, are usually exceedingly stringent in their security measures. The offices are manned by armed guards, there are strong rooms within the offices and a string of strict procedures to comply with.

As for the robbers, it is either they are very brave to target government departments or they have inside information on the movement of money at certain times of the day.

The amount stolen is rather substantial. Rightly, the department concerned should have taken all the necessary measures to protect public money. I therefore urge the police to conduct a thorough investigation.

First, did the department concerned deviate from standard operating procedures when handling the money? If so, why?

Second, does the department engage the services of security guards when handling large sums of money each day? If not, why?

Third, when was the last time the department reviewed its security procedures?

Fourth, when was the last time personnel involved in handling money transferred or rotated with personnel from other divisions?

It is the public’s money that was taken. I think those found negligent or who conspired with the robbers should be punished severely.

Ah Beng is an FMT reader.

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