Wondaleaf condom will only be launched later this year


By Dr. John Tang

First I would like to thank you for publishing in your esteemed portal an article about Wondaleaf on July 5 titled “Malaysian makes condom that promises total protection”.

As the inventor of Wondaleaf and head of Wondaleaf Project, I wish to ask for your kind consideration in correcting some of the reports made in the article.

You have mistakenly quoted a well-known Malaysian gynecologist and my good friend, Dr John Teo, as the inventor of Wondaleaf.

However you were correct in associating Dr Teo with Wondaleaf, as Dr Teo has been a great source of encouragement to the Wondaleaf Project.

Notably he included Wondaleaf in his lecture on “What is new on male and female contraception 2016” during the recently concluded Congress of Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Malaysia.

On a separate note, it was also during this congress that Wondaleaf was presented in the scientific proceedings for the first time.

Wondaleaf will only be launched as an adhesive barrier film in Malaysia in the later part of this year.

This is finally happening after five grueling years in research and development with the support of University College of Technology, Sarawak, and with grants from the Malaysian Government’s innovation funding agencies, Platcom Ventures and Cradle Funds. Among others, the grants have enabled Wondaleaf’s patent to be filed in over thirty countries and regions in the world.

To ensure that the production is under strict quality control, the company that produces Wondaleaf is ISO 13485 certified.

For hygienic reasons, Wondaleaf will come in sterile form and therefore it is only meant for single deployment. It can be used for multiple sessions provided it has not been removed from the user’s body.

As for the quoted selling price of RM8, the company will be making the final announcement at a later date. That being said, we are anxious to making it affordable to the general public. So we are open to suggestions as to how much potential users will find reasonable its pricing.

On the report of the user’s experience of Wondaleaf, we have found the feedback to be most helpful in preparing us for the market. We apologise that in this particular case, the instruction manual was not given out together with the samples.

Because Wondaleaf is entirely new to this world and there are certain steps to follow on its proper deployment, we anticipate certain a “getting used to” before users are completely comfortable with it, as one can readily draw parallel examples from the existing condom.

Nevertheless we have, following your article, rewritten the Instruction Manual and posted it on FAQs section of our official website at wondaleaf.com. FMT readers are welcome to visit the site and leave their comments so as to enable us to improve it further to help reduce the incidences of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Dr. John Tang is a Consultant Gynecologist in Rejang Medical Centre, Sibu Sarawak.


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