Truth and evidence will end the stress


By TK Chua

I agree with Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan that Malaysia is stressed. However, I disagree with his reasons for it.

The minister must understand that allegations per se do not make people feel stressed, but how these allegations are handled. Government institutions supporting the government of the day do not provide credibility. What does is how these institutions choose to uphold the truth and dispel unfounded allegations hurled against the government.

Also, it does not matter whether the allegations are made by the opposition or within the government, by foreigners or from domestic sources, and by the young or the old. The most important thing is whether these allegations are credible and truthful.

If opposition politicians make wild allegations one time too many, they will soon lose their credibility. If foreign powers interfere by resorting to false accusations, they will soon lose our respect and cooperation. If our citizens conspire with foreigners to indulge in falsehood and sabotage, they will soon be found out to face the consequences.

What then is the best way to handle allegations? To me it is evidence and truth: these will put to shame all those who accuse others unjustly, and will condemn those who collude with foreigners to plot against our nation.

Government institutions must exist to protect and defend the country. What is more compelling than for these institutions to defend our nation if not by upholding truth based on evidence and intelligence gathered?

Yes, Malaysia has been stressed for a long time now. The attention of our leaders has been diverted from governing and their energy sapped by endlessly fighting off the allegations.

Here is my suggestion: it is time we confront the allegations head-on. It is useless to handle allegations with counter allegations or by resorting to Official Secret Act or shooting the messengers.

Just unearth the truth with all supporting evidence: I am sure the stress felt by this country will go away immediately. I am sure, too, that those who made wild and baseless accusations will have nowhere to hide their faces. As a citizen, I want to see Sarawak Report, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and most of all, the US Department of Justice, put to shame.

Please don’t disappoint us.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

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