‘Muslims should always beware of the nons’

Harussani Zakaria

Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria admits there is nothing “haram” about non-Muslim maids working for Muslim families. However, he agrees with the Immigration Department’s move to bar Muslims from hiring non-Muslim maids in order to protect the faith of their children.

According to the good mufti, “non-Muslim maids are smart” and therefore could influence Muslim children to adopt practices from their own religions.

I never knew the mufti possessed this kind of sixth sense. However, since he is a mufti, I guess his advice does carry some weight. After all, muftis are people of great wisdom.

However, I am confused. According to an authenticated hadith, the Prophet had a personal servant who was a Jew. The servant’s duties included bringing him water for his ablutions.

Was the Prophet not fearful of having a non-Muslim around him when the Jew could easily influence his family members?

But then again, if our beloved Prophet was alive today, I am sure instead of supporting the ban, he would advise our Muslim mothers to stay home to care for their families and educate their own children without having to hand over this responsibility to a domestic helper whose task should be about maintaining the household and not the family.

For what it’s worth, allow me to say that we are indeed lucky to have our wise muftis and authorities who are always keen on protecting the faith of Muslims. After all, we, fragile Muslims are not capable enough to protect ourselves and are in need of a bodyguard team to always ensure the path we follow is free from those who can potentially taint our souls.

While we are at it, I would like to ask our wise mufti and other government authorities to also look into other possible situations that could likely expose our Muslim brothers and sisters, not forgetting our children too, to the influence of the non-Muslims. After all, we can never trust what goes on inside their filthy minds. They could be creating a master plan to spread their own beliefs among us.

Taking this into consideration, I suggest the following be banned too:

  • Non-Muslim teachers teaching Muslim students
  • Non-Muslim doctors and nurses treating Muslim patients
  • Non-Muslim employers employing a Muslim workforce
  • Non-Muslim caretakers attending to Muslim seniors at nursing homes
  • Non-Muslim ministers in charge of the welfare of the Muslim population

Perhaps a much better idea would be to stop non-Muslims from getting involved in any area where Muslims have a presence. Therefore there should be no non-Muslim cooks, waiters, builders, contractors, firemen, policemen, guards, plumbers and even fishmongers who are directly involved with Muslims. For all we know, each of them is trying to shake our faith in one way or another.

So yeah, let us not only ban non-Muslim maids from working for Muslim families. Let us ban all non-Muslims from having anything to do with Muslims.

A good way to achieve this would be to segregate Muslims from non-Muslims. By the way, the filthy money made by non-Muslims and the filthy tax paid by non-Muslims shall not be used for the benefit of Muslims as well. We are after all dignified Muslims, are we not?