Citizens afflicted with Beggar Thy Nation syndrome


By Tay Tian Yan

The whole country hopes our athletes will deliver our first ever Olympic gold. Unfortunately some Malaysians don’t think so.

Browsing through the Chinese language posts on social media sites, it’s not hard to find that many bona fide Malaysians would rather wish we get none. One of them wrote: “I don’t wish Malaysian athletes to bring back any gold medal. You can argue that I’m politicizing sports but the reality is that a player who brings back our first Olympic gold will be bloated by the ruling party as a major achievement in its scorecard.”

I was actually more worried than infuriated by the post.

Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t worried about the post having any negative effect on the country’s gold prospect in Rio. I was more concerned about the psychological health of people thinking like him.

People like him will excessively politicize everything that comes across their minds and will not be able to think logically, failing to understand that politics is actually a small part of social life.

Those overly engrossed with it will detest their opponents, unwilling to accept dissident political views, as they constantly live in anxiety due to their self-inflicted frustration.

Studies show that IS militants have been spawned mostly this way.

I pray that people who hate to see Malaysia win a gold medal will not go this far, but unfortunately their behaviors have told me otherwise.

For example, the issue of whether “the Malaysian government deserves an Olympic gold medal” is downright non-existent because the medal belongs to the athlete and the country.

Are you trying to tell me you can’t tell between the country and the government? The gold medal is the achievement of the athlete and the pride of the nation and her people, which has absolutely nothing to do with the government and any of our politicians.

I have heard our medalists thank their families and team mates as well as the support of fellow Malaysians. I’ve never heard them say things like: Thank you Barisan Nasional government and thank you my beloved Prime Minister.

I have also not heard of anyone supporting the ruling party just because of the Olympic results.

Owing to excessive politicization, even the Olympics has now become an integral part of these people’s political agendas. They are living inside the trap they have themselves set up, totally pathetic and self-contradictory.

Perhaps they too hope to see their country clinch a gold medal but deep inside them a voice is yelling: No gold! No gold!

They also very likely hate to see any Malaysian, if any, win a Nobel Prize; or the stock and currency markets rising; or the government recognizing the UEC certificate.

They hope the country will go to the dogs, become poverty-stricken and war-torn so that they can see a flicker of hope: At least the ruling party has nothing to brag now.

They feel depressed seeing Malaysian athletes win some gold medals, or the people staying united, or the country making steady progress.

They are living in their self-imposed prisons, with rejection, confrontation and hatred deeply planted in their hearts.

I hope they don’t collapse in misery seeing the country–hopefully–bring back a gold medal while millions of Malaysians cheer in jubilation.

Politics and Olympics are two completely different and unrelated things. This country belongs to all of us and we share the achievements and glories together as a nation.

Put aside our prejudices and open up our hearts. Perhaps both ourselves and the whole Malaysian society will become happier and healthier

The original article can be read here: Paranoid personality disorder

This article appeared in a local vernacular publication.

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