A plea to royalty: march with citizens in yellow


From: KJ John, via email

More than 800 reservations were addressed about the most recent redelineation process announced by the Election Commission. My question to every member of the commission is: why were you appointed to the commission, if not to moderate and guide the chairman, who is only a PTD Officer?

I call upon every member of the Election Commission, paid from public funds and not by Umno, to declare their reason as to why redelimitation is being done in this specific way, in every case and constituency. Why are we doing it this way?

The Election Commission is the sum of the body of members, and not merely the single person appointed to the chair. All of them are sworn to safeguard the national interest. They are symbolically but practically also appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, even if nominated by the PM.

They should stand up and do the yellow thing!

Yes, but yellow is our royal colour and royalty must keep the “notional neutrality” and not express personal views or opinions. Once appointed, members of the Election Commission must only serve the public interest, personal views and opinions can be expressed privately.

Premised upon the gerrymandering being propagated by the Election Commission, I call upon the Rulers not to ignore this abuse and therefore invite them to march with Bersih 5.0 and legitimise and fully appreciate the reason that Malaysian citizens wear yellow and march.

One bishop decided to clear the air and spoke out to his congregation. Can I invite all royalty to review what he said and please tell all Malaysians why what he said is wrong, and also please plan to ask your children and grandchildren to march with Bersih for this very agenda.

Am I wrong to request this of our royalty?

KJ John was director of Industrial Policy with MITI until 1996 before he moved to the NITC at Mimos Berhad to develop the National IT Agenda.

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