Moving tribute by house officer from JB hospital


Today (yesterday) is a dark day for us. We were hit by the worse tragedy that could have ever happened to a hospital. I thank all the people who called or dropped a message to check on me. Your thoughts and kind words to me are really appreciated.

I would also like to thank all people who have helped us throughout the day. Special thanks to:

1) Allah for keeping all my babies safe. There are no words to express how I would feel if the flames had spread to the paediatric ward where I am currently based.

2) My fellow house officers and medical officers (MO)

To all my colleagues especially the female house officers in my ward today. When the fire started, they selflessly told all the male house officers: “You guys go and save the patients. Do what you need to do. They need manpower to lift the patients. We’ll take care of the babies”.

My MO today gave me a look during the ward round and said: “You can’t focus in rounds today, can you Muhaimin? You want to go there and help. Go lah. Be safe.”

And that’s how all of us managed to come and help in the Emergency Department and other parts of the hospital.

3) The healthcare assistants (PPK), nurses and medical assistants (MA)

All my PPK. You have no idea the part they played today (yesterda). Some of them carried oxygen tanks from place to place, with sweat dripping from their foreheads to make sure everyone was safe.

I knew some of them have osteoathritis but they were so strong today (yesterday). Nurses and MAs were so efficient today that some orders were carried out without words.

Everyone just knew what they should do and where they should be. Some of them sacrificed their lunch hour just to make sure patients were not left alone in new wards.

4) The firemen

They are the bravest souls who ran into the fire to try and save our patients. Some of them looked so tired in their heavy gears. They are the unsung heroes of today (yesterday).

5) NGOs

Tzu Chi, Jabatan Amal, Arif, and many more. Thank you for the water and food. Even McDonalds came and provided burgers to everybody. In less than three hours, a lot of aid came in non-stop, so much so that we have to redistribute the supplies to other departments.

6) The off-duty officers

A lot of my fellow house officers and nurses, MAs and PPKs alike, who were on their off day came to the hospital, in their sports attire and helped out. You know how much off days mean to us. I managed to get a break to drink water today (yesterday) after my friend who was on duty the previous night came and substituted me. Some came with red eyes and tired faces. May Allah repay you for your kindness.

7) The specialists

I put this at the end because I think they deserved one of the greatest thanks of all. Can you imagine organising a ward that is built for medical patients, but in less than 30 minutes they are full of patients from ICU, Ortho, Surgical, Neuro and many more?

The specialists are the calmest in the ward. They rallied the house officers and MOs, gave perfect orders and positioned everyone at the right station so that everything went smoothly.

From ordering a house officer to take blood, till ordering ward sisters to make a checklist and conduct headcounts, they managed to complete and turn a chaotic day to an orderly one. Thank you for showing us such good leadership.

Let’s pray for the deceased. May their souls rest in peace.

Today, I was reminded why we Malaysians are the best.