What’s so great about the US elections?

usa elections

From: Teo Chuen Tick, via email

In about 10 days’ time, the strongest country in the world (some may dispute that, seeing how Russia thumbs its nose) goes to the polls to elect its commander-in-chief.

I believe most thinking rakyat in Malaysia know that the new US president is inconsequential to the agenda of change in our country. The only thing is that the TPPA (Trans-Pacific free trade agreement) will more likely be a piece of junk if Donald Trump is elected.

Both Hillary Clinton and Trump seem to be disliked by a large segment of the population, yet one or the other of them will be elected.

I find it strange that the election of the President of the USA cannot attract more likeable candidates. Clinton and Trump both come with baggage, yet each triumphed in the grueling US primaries.

There are many allegations about wrongdoing by both Clinton and Trump but no charges have yet been filed against either of them. Both candidates seem to be defective: surely a country like the US has candidates with better backgrounds, yet if there are, they were vanquished along the primaries trail.

In Malaysia we despair about the uneven playing field in our elections. But the US system, if we take it to be the epitome of a level playing field, does not seem to have done it much good, judging by the two main candidates offered to their citizens.

Looking at the campaign so far, many political analysts have pointed to the amount of mud-slinging going on but precious little of policy discussions have taken place. If our election campaigns are based on the handout of sweeteners by Umnoputras, the US campaigns seem to be no big deal either.

Perhaps the only positive aspect of the US presidential elections is the reaffirmation of the two-party system. The other candidates are not making any headway at all.

Teo Chuen Tick is an FMT reader.

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