True victory lies in never giving up


By Anusha Arumugam

Battles are not won in a day, just as how we were not suddenly oppressed in a day. Battles take time, perseverance, a lot of patience, persistence and understanding for any form of change to happen.

Lest we should forget that we are all really just puny, inconsequential specks of life in an ever-expanding universe. But for as long as we live, it must be on the principles of living with dignity, respect and peace, and conserving and protecting Mother Nature and humanity.

One rally is not going to solve any problems. But it is on the principle of democracy that we choose to participate in such events.

Of course, we all pick our own battles, but some battles cannot be won alone because such battles involve us all, regardless of whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

We cannot afford to get disheartened if our leaders get arrested and charged, if we lose the next general election, if more suppressive laws are enacted, and if more crackdowns on our freedom take place.

Though these are very real possibilities, equally real is our ability to stand steadfast in our principles.

We should not waver from our quest for a functioning democracy, to rise to the occasion and engage and participate in rallies, forums and debates – anything that puts pressure on our government, and to have faith in each other.

Maybe what we sow today we will not reap tomorrow, or even in our lifetime. But sometime in the future there will be an end to this madness.

And it is for that day that we spend every day of our lives not succumbing to defeat. If all else fails, at least, let us not fail each other.

Anusha Arumugam is an FMT reader.

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