When saying nothing is best


“Facebook is like a jail cell. You sit around, waste time. Have a profile picture and write on walls.”

I shared the above from a friend’s Facebook wall some years ago, and today I was reminded of it in my Facebook memories section.

But after reading the latest news this morning, I realise that if you write the wrong things on some VIPs’ Facebook page, or on social media in general, you WILL end up in jail.

On that note, I suggest that the social media pages of VIPs come with a disclaimer: “Anything you write can and will be used against you.”

Seriously folks, doesn’t anyone read the news, or know what is going on in this country? Doesn’t anyone follow the adage, “learn from the mistakes of others”, anymore?

You write anything remotely nasty, even something that can be considered banter, on a VIP’s page and you will face action. Not just in Malaysia, but in Thailand too.

Time and again we read about action taken against someone who vented out their frustation or just decided to question certain issues relating to a VIP or VIPs in general.

Was the comment necessary? Most likely not. Would it make a difference? Most definitely not.

Of course, sometimes words are twisted and all it takes is a police report for a non-controversial comment to be blown out of proportion and someone to be arrested.

But in most cases, it was a comment that really was not thought out well and sent/posted (depending on the social media used) without any discretion as to the consequences and possible repercussion.

So, the next time you start to write something on a VIP’s social media page, or even on your own page but pertaining to a VIP, just before you click on that ENTER or SEND button… follow this simple policy, “if it’s not praise, just erase”.

K Anand is an executive editor with FMT.

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