‘Medical team at Selayang Hospital saved my life’

hospital-selayangFrom MLS via e-mail

I am 27 years old and writing in the hope that you qill publish my contribution about the doctors in the HPB (Hepatobiliary) Department of Selayang Hospital, who essentially saved my health, hence my life.

I have been a convalescent for the past three years after being involved in a really bad road accident on April 18, 2014, on a hot Friday afternoon around noon.

I was riding my bike and was hit by a careless driver as I was returning home for lunch. I suffered a broken hand, broken ribs, and had a Grade 5 liver injury. The injury to my liver was extremely serious and required immediate medical attention or I would not have survived for very long.

Fortunately, my accident occurred in the Selayang area and I was rushed to the Selayang Hospital where the doctors performed surgery to repair my liver. Dr Lim performed my first surgery and saved my life.

However, my nightmare was just beginning as my liver did not function properly even after the first surgery and I was unable to consume food or water, and unable to move because of my broken ribs and hand.

All the while, the amazing doctors of the HPB Department led by ”the man who saved my life and my health”, Dr Harjit Singh (the one person I will be forever indebted and grateful to), were there every day to find a solution to fix my issues.

Countless tests and scans were needed, and all the while the team of doctors led by Dr Harjit, Dr Suriyati and Dr Krishnan were by my side to give me encouragement and support as I suffered unbearable pain constantly for more than a month until the second surgery was performed in May that year.

Dr Harjit performed the surgery. Among the other doctors in the team were Dr Yang, Dr Hari, Dr Shakira, Dr Lim, Dr Ramzi, and younger doctors Dr Jaya, Dr Nithi, Dr Ameera, and Dr Farah.

The staff nurses were courteous, helpful and kind to me during my time in the hospital when I was in the ICU ward and later at the HDW (High Dependency Ward), including the nurses in Wards 9d and 8d.

I used to have the misconception that the doctors and staff in government hospitals were incompetent. However, I was proven totally wrong in this regard and was amazed by the level of professionalism and care shown by the doctors and nurses at Selayang Hospital.

After being discharged in June of 2014, I had many complications and recurring problems that stemmed from my liver injury.

From the period of my discharge in May 2014 to March 2017, I have been re-admitted many times and I was frequently in the hospital to do tests and scans as there were many problems that kept creeping back.

Fortunately, I had the great doctors of the HPB Department who always found solutions to my problems and painstakingly brought me back to full health, especially Dr Harjit, who even after leaving Selayang Hospital, still agreed to see me and lend his expertise to the doctors at the hospital so I could receive proper treatment.

Most recently, I suffered from a bout of jaundice caused by a bile duct blockage, which was discovered after an MRI scan in early 2017.

Dr Harjit, Dr Suriyati and Dr Krishnan advised a PTBD procedure be carried out which involved placing a stent to solve the issues. My health was deteriorating at that time and I was suffering mentally from the prolonged stress and anguish caused by my injuries and illness.

I desperately needed my problems to be solved because I was not sure I could live in this sick condition much longer. It robbed me of any joy I had of life and I was miserable and depressed.

In 2014, I was supposed to take my CLP examinations i.e. the Malaysian Bar exam on the road to becoming a qualified lawyer but my plans were derailed because of the accident and my injuries. I only could take the exam in 2016 when I had recovered from the injuries and I managed to pass with a second-lower result.

However, because of the latest complications, my life again was derailed as I was not able to perform any of my daily activities and was struggling to go for interviews to find a job.

Once again, thanks to Dr Harjit’s and Dr Suriyati’s expertise, my health was restored back to normal. The PTBD stenting procedure was performed expertly by Dr Rizal of the Angio Department, who also has my heartfelt thanks as it was a difficult procedure that required a high level of skill and experience.

Today, I am healthy. I have passed my CLP and have secured a job. I have my life back because of the efforts and great work of all the doctors and nurses at the hospital.

I hope all of them get the recognition and praise they deserve for the good work they are doing in helping change and save people’s lives.

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