Is it wrong to help the 100 disabled people in JJPTR scheme?

andy-yong-gerakanAndy Yong

We have been asked why the Gerakan got involved with JJPTR. The answer is simple: we are here to help people facing problems.

A week ago, the Gerakan was approached by several investors of the collapsed JJPTR investment scheme around Kuala Lumpur who are disabled. They sought legal advice to resolve their problem with JJPTR.

After listening to their problem, Gerakan was of the view that a solution should be found to safeguard their interest.

The background of a company, regardless of whether it is undertaking a ponzi scheme or made up of loan sharks, does not matter as our intention is to help the people, and in this case it happens to be the OKUs from Kuala Lumpur.

Gerakan then contacted JJPTR to propose a refund for the disabled investors as they are considered the less fortunate group as they face many hardships in life due to their disabilities. We did this to ensure their interest was protected.

As a good gesture, JJPTR agreed with our proposal to refund the disabled investors. Hence, we made the arrangement to reveal the agreement reached between us on behalf of the disabled investors and JJPTR.

At the function, JJPTR refunded the investment money to the estimated 100 disabled investors who are mainly from Segambut, Kepong and Brickfields.

Gerakan is a party that provides solutions.We believe there is always a way to solve a problem, and that if done in a diplomatic and consultative way, it can be more effective for all parties concerned, as in this case.

The Gerakan does not support any illegal money games.

We take this opportunity to alert members of the public to be cautious. Please refrain from investing in companies and websites which are neither authorised nor approved under the relevant laws and regulations.

Andy Yong is Gerakan Youth deputy chief

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