Is Malaysia going upside-down?

MACC-UmnoBy TK Chua

I wonder who is in charge of the government of Malaysia today: MACC or Umno and its partners in BN?

I wonder, since when is it the job of a government agency, the MACC in this case, to congratulate Umno on its 71st anniversary celebration? Also, more importantly, since when is it the job of the agency to remind the ruling party of its responsibility and obligation to govern the country with integrity?

Is Malaysia going upside-down? I thought the advice should be the other way round.

Who, if not Umno leaders, are helming the nation’s top leadership? As the nation’s top leaders, is it not their job to provide direction, dispense advice and govern the country with honour and integrity?

What message was the MACC conveying when it gave advice to the ruling party and its leaders to be mindful of corruption? Do Umno leaders need re-education on bribery and abuse of power? Do they need reminders that they are the custodians of public interests? If so, is it not too late in the day?

Instead, MACC should be rightly reminded by Umno (as the ruling party of the government) to be serious and tenacious in tackling corruption. The master must direct the servant, not the other way round.

Why is the master so reluctant to act as the master? Has the master lost its credibility to say or do anything related to morality, ethics and values? Is the master so depraved that he is now leveraging on the integrity of his servant?

How then could the servant uphold the ethical standard if the master does not believe in it or is not obliged to follow it?

It is that simple, the master must provide the lead. The master cannot be counselled, taught, advised or directed by the servant. That is fake, and a puppet show.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

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