Malaysia’s contempt for international law, human rights


By Azhar “Art” Harun

We keep on behaving like a country with utter contempt for laws, international treaties and human rights standard.

It is ironic that we always shout and scream about Israel breaching international laws and human rights standards yet at the same time we pay scant regard to international norms.

In 2012, we arrested Hamza Kashgari for blasphemy at the behest of Saudi Arabia.

We told the world that we did it at the request of Interpol. However, Interpol later denied any involvement.

This was reported by Al Jazeera as well.

We couldn’t care less.

Putrajaya then quickly “extradited” Hamza back to Saudi Arabia.

Was there an extradition request?

Was Hamza allowed to challenge the so-called extradition request in accordance with the law?

We later said that he was extradited under an “arrangement.” How convenient.

Then, last week a Turkish citizen was arrested. The family wasn’t informed.

Only a day after the family had lodged a police report over his alleged abduction, were they told that he was arrested.

We told the world that he was arrested under our security law. That means he is a threat to OUR national security.

Stories were told that he is an Islamic State agent or supporter.

Now, we “deported” him to Turkey because apparently Turkey has cancelled his passport.


How convenient.

I suppose the next time an Australian, American or Indonesian is arrested for drug trafficking, all his country needs to do to prevent him from being charged here and hanged under our law is for his country of origin to cancel his passport lah.

We would then promptly deport him back, no?

We really should stop screaming at other countries for not respecting international laws.

Azhar “Art” Harun is a lawyer.

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