Don’t drag MCA into Ramadan bazaar ruckus


By Gan Peng Sieu

I am not about to play Liew Chin Tong’s divisive political game over his distorted allegations. Please don’t drag MCA into your ruckus with the hawkers.

I have responded to the incident by communicating with the district OCPD who has since taken action professionally, as written in Chinese on my Facebook. Let the police conduct their investigation over the cause of the ruckus.

This is essentially an isolated incident of breach of peace and public order.

Liew has a record of partisan political bickering and seems to enjoy politicising an issue completely out of context and proportion for political gain at the expense of the community.

I am not surprised if he is not welcomed by some of the hawkers. There have been a few occasions where he faced the rough behaviour of the locals.

But having said that, I must emphasise that no one has the right to deter anyone from entering a pasar Ramadan held in a public place, hence my conversation with the OCPD.

In 2007, it was my duty as an assemblyman to voice the legitimate concerns of traders in town over the suitability of the venue and the alternative venues available for the pasar Ramadan. In consequence, some changes were made and rules were set by the state government and municipal council.

He should know better what DAP’s role was then.

I have visited the pasar Ramadan almost yearly ever since without being embarrassed by the hawkers.

He should learn how to reason, not politicise and fan every and any issue.

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