Praise for doctor, staff of HKL for their dedication, diligence


From: Suresh Subramaniam via email

My father was admitted to Hospital Kuala Lumpur last month for a serious lung infection requiring oxygen supplementation.

Fortunately, he was in the good hands of the specialist and staff of Ward 27.

Dr Ng would come at sharp 8am and start seeing all the patients. When my siblings and I visited our father at noon, he was still in the ward seeing patients and meeting anxious family members to update them of the latest progress of our loved ones.

When we went back to visit after 5pm, again Dr Ng was in the ward seeing patients and teaching junior doctors. Such dedication deserves admiration and applause.

We were thankful as well that he was willing to spend time with us to explain our father’s condition on a regular basis.

My father’s lung infection was complicated with a sudden worsening of his long-term kidney disease.

It was promptly detected and my father was referred to the kidney (nephrology) team to discuss the need for dialysis.

We were attended to by a young lady doctor from the nephrology department the next day.

Even though the consultation was not as helpful as expected with most of our doubts and concerns still frustratingly unanswered, still we thank the doctor from nephrology for her time.

We would also like to apologise for our less-than-friendly attitude as we were overwhelmed with anxiety and uncertainty.

Every junior doctor deserves time and opportunity to improve and we keep her in our prayers that she will better herself always.

However, our concerns regarding our father’s kidney condition were subsequently dealt with diligently by the trainee doctors and medical officers in Ward 27, who offered clarity and confidence in the management of my father’s condition.

We do have many capable and helpful junior doctors in our public healthcare service.

My father recovered well after one week of treatment with antibiotics. His kidney condition improved as well without the need for dialysis, thanks to Dr Ng and his team in Ward 27.

My father’s stay in HKL was a pleasant, faith-restoring encounter for our family. Once again we would like to offer our gratitude to all the doctors and nurses in HKL Ward 27.

Keep up the good work and the excellent service.

Suresh Subramaniam is an FMT reader.

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