Tunku, I have faith in your struggle


By Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman

Dear Tunku,

I teared up when I read your open letter yesterday.

I teared up because I too once lived in the Malaysia you were talking about.

A Malaysia filled with optimism and pride. A Malaysia where we stood tall in the eyes of the world. A Malaysia where corruption was not the norm in the land.

A Malaysia where cultures were preserved and celebrated as a symbol of unity, not division. A Malaysia for all peace-loving Malaysians, not for the corrupt power-hungry elite.

Unfortunately, today, we are losing our beloved Malaysia. We are losing our beloved identity. We are losing our beloved home.

Dear Tunku,

There might be those who question you for speaking up. Those who pat your back at first, but stab you later. Those who are sceptical of your motives.

I for one will challenge and confront them. I do this not because I am forced to but because I want to. It’s not a matter of blind loyalty, but a matter of faith in your struggle.

I have had the privilege of meeting you on multiple occasions and during all of them, you’ve always been consistent in expressing your deep concern for Johor and Malaysia.

You’ve been consistent in criticising both the government and the opposition, and I admire that.

Dear Tunku,

While I tear for what the power-hungry elite are doing to our beloved country and state, I harbour a great sense of optimism for our future with people like you, who dare speak the truth rather than opt for power.

While I have lost hope in the corrupt, scandal-ridden, kleptocratic elected government, my hope for Malaysia and Johor is regained knowing that there are brave and courageous leaders like your good self who will not kneel to the corrupt power structure.

As a Johorean, I am deeply honoured to have you as my crown prince, and my future sultan/king. Keep on fighting the good fight.

A Fellow Malaysian,
A Fellow Bangsa Johor.

Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman is PPBM Youth chief.

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