It’s time Malaysia stopped believing its own lies


They accuse others falsely. They commit blatant abuse of power. They violate the basics of democracy. They then expect others to believe their treacheries and lies. Not only that, they themselves have begun to believe their own lies.

Yes, DAP may “dilly-dally” for another week before it makes a final decision on the “directive” of the RoS. But what is another week when the RoS has taken four long years to issue a new order to DAP?

Yes, DAP may not even comply with the directive of the RoS. It may even face deregistration or be unable to use its party symbol for the coming general election.

But has it forgotten that we have laws and institutions in this country? What if the RoS’ directive was given in bad faith? What if the directive is legally defective? What if DAP complies with a directive that was given in bad faith and legally defective?

Why must DAP go through endless ordeals even though the party has admitted to an earlier technical hitch? The party has even conducted a re-election just to rectify the earlier mistake.

I am not asking the RoS to overlook mistakes or to grant special favours to the DAP. If the RoS was not satisfied, new directives should have been issued promptly and much earlier to DAP. From whichever angle we look at, taking four years to make a decision and at the verge of the next general election is simply awful.

Have they forgotten there is a built-in sense of justice and fair play in each of us? It is painful to see injustice inflicted on others even though we may not be very fair people ourselves.

Are their hearts so hardened and numbed? It must be because they now expect others to believe their lies. Not only that, I think they have started to believe their own lies.

Democracy is seeking power and engaging in politicking based on “civilised rules”. These rules must include basic decency and fair play. If not, it is game over and we should stop labelling ourselves a parliamentary democracy or a constitutional monarchy.

T K Chua is FMT reader.

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