Polo king or politician par excellence, Khairy?


By J D Lovrenciear

The news about Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin wanting to compete in the upcoming SEA Games has drawn not only flak and criticism but also raises serious, fundamental questions of principles.

The Crown Prince of Johor, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, is spot on in saying that politicians should leave the time-consuming sports arena to career sportsmen and women.

You can be a youth leader riding the political wave. But as a political leader, walking the talk does not translate to also wanting to play polo, right?

Just as much as principle-centred leadership in politics demands that career politicians stop dabbling in business and business deals, these politicians should also be guided by the wisdom of the rakyat.

They should wise up to the fact that, as a youth minister, you pave the way for the rakyat to bring glory through competitive sports.

Certainly not be at the helm, playing the sport, if you are a politician.

I wonder how much of his on-the-job time Khairy has put into playing polo.

I wonder too, by virtue of his position and power as a career politician, how he will lead a sports team that has to be focused on intense practice every day and for weeks on end to prepare for a winning performance.

Politicians like Khairy must realise, even before the rakyat tell him, that if you want to be a career politician, just do it.

If you also want to be a career sportsman, then as a matter of principle and practicality, give up your political position and do what every keen sportsman does.

If Khairy thinks he is smart in setting a new standard of multi-tasking, or wants to be the new “super boy” in the country, he is sadly mistaken.

He has only weakened the efforts of his boss, Najib Razak, to battle the winds before GE14.

JD Lovrenciear is an FMT reader.

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