DBKL, here’s a simple way to make everyone fly the national flag

dbkl-jalur-gemilangBy YM Chan

I refer to the report that KL City Hall (DBKL) is considering making it compulsory to hoist the Jalur Gemilang to instil patriotism.

Kuala Lumpur Mayor Mhd Amin Nordin Abd Aziz said residents should be like the people in the United States and Indonesia who take the initiative to install flags at their respective premises.

I agree with the statement, but why is the mayor mulling the idea of making it compulsory for premise owners in the city to hoist the national flag at their respective properties as a condition for licence renewal?

He has already identified that it is the citizens’ initiative that resulted in national flags being flown in the United States and Indonesia.

If displays of patriotism are important, it should start with DBKL’s enforcement of its own laws. Enforcement is grossly lacking, as evidenced by what can be seen on our streets daily.

For instance, yellow lines are painted on the side of many streets and roads. If joined together, they would stretch several thousand kilometres.

If yellow lines are painted, then there should be regular enforcement. If not, don’t paint them. Now DBKL paints them yellow, but then allows motorists to commit offences daily. This has become the norm.

It is common to see public parking lots illegally reserved by nearby businesses using a chair, tyre or traffic cone, and with dining tables and chairs at some places.

DBKL is also closing an eye to the many parking machines that do not work, causing much distress to motorists who try one machine after another under the hot sun.

If motorists are required to pay compound fines for not displaying a valid parking coupon, who is hauling up the concessionaires for their faulty machines?

DBKL’s negligence is most noticeable when five-foot ways are occupied and used as dining or display areas, repair bays for motorcycles or motorcars, and work areas for various types of trade.

Pedestrians are forced to walk out on the streets, avoiding cars being driven in or out of parking bays, with many, especially children, being hit by reversing vehicles because of blind spots.

Many motorcycles parked along the five-foot ways can easily turn into an obstacle course for the vision impaired.

And the condition of many restaurant kitchens and toilets are more like horror chambers, not to mention the many dirty drains.

DBKL may have its own set of key performance indicators (KPI), and it is possible that figures are massaged to show KPIs are achieved.

Stated above are just some of the KPIs residents have for DBKL. If DBKL achieves these, then it will see many residents and businesses flying not only our national flag but also the City Hall flag every day – and not just when approaching Aug 31 or Feb 1.

YM Chan is an FMT reader.

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